Chinese Herbal Therapy

Each herbal medicine prescription from our doctor is normally comprised of a blend of many herbs tailored to the individual patient. Along with herbs that are known in the West, Chinese Medicine also uses a large collection of other medicinal herbs including tree bark, flower petals and plant root. Adjustments are made to fit specific requirements of the patient depending on changes in the disease (or dis-ease) during the course of treatment, the strength and health of the patient and other factors. Therefore a patient does not receive the same medicine each week and does not receive the same as others with the same complaint. As your treatment continues, your body responds and changes, so too will your treatment. Remember, you are unique. Your body is unique, so your treatment will be too.

Chinese herbs effectively target the underlying causes and seldom have any undesirable side-effects. It aims at restoring the physical balance, the balance between Yin and Yang. Our doctor will regulate your flow of Qi, blood and fluids. Weak organs will be strengthened and blocked channels opened.